no door between master bedroom and bath

Vanities with legs are great, but what would be even better is if there is a kick plate, a few inches back so that stuff that fell in on the sides doesn’t accumulate underneath the vanity. Husband wakes up hours earlier than me so when he uses the bathroom, the light illuminates the bedroom since there's no door and the shower is pretty loud so I get woken up. I just had to get an SSL certificate but that shouldn’t do that. I don't think everything is for everyone," Abdur-Rahim said. I never shared a bathroom with my husband, I used the kids’ bathroom. Then, light could come in and it would be architecturally lovely, I think. So I’m really afraid about the end result. ReplyCancel, Laurel, the “coffee cup” looks like a Japanese soaking tub – there’s probably (should be) a shower in the room, to be used first. Open-concept bathrooms are an odd design trend. While white might be an improvement over cinnamon pink, both fail as purpose-driven spaces. It’s also butting up against the drapery which is a no-no. Of course, being in my profession, I’ve seen a LOT of homes and yes, some pretty interesting situations!ReplyCancel, What a funny post…I had my first real laugh on this beautiful Sunday morning. But as I always say. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Now we are building our retirement home and we will have our own bathrooms – with doors. If the bathroom isn’t accessed from the master bedroom by a door it isn’t really a master bathroom. Avoid gaps between the vanity and tub. If you had company over everyone would have to leave the apartment when someone went to the bathroom or be sequestered to the kitchen? One of my houses I clean has double doors going into their master bath. This one reminds me of a diorama at the Museum of Natural History. I have heard this a few times recently that the images are slow coming up. Hi Laurel, I’ve waited about 15 minutes and only the first two photographs have downloaded, so I’m thinking that there may be a problem beyond that it’s just being slow to download. We hope to change out our ancient fiberglass tub/shower combos in our house next year. The rental listing, originally posted on Facebook, shows a master suite for $1,200 per month in Philadelphia and was posted on September 19. Love your blog!ReplyCancel, I’m with you on the toilet cleaning difficulties. An open concept bathroom ( Standalone tub in master bedroom (Houzz) Open concept bathroom in bedroom (hivenn) Open concept bathroom ( Open bathroom concept (home-designing) Having no division between the master bedroom and bath opens up the room, allowing more space. Ya know? The developers used 9 different materials (4 different tiles, 2 types of marble and 3 different woods) in just ONE 5 x 7 bathroom. White walls trimmed with brown-stained woodwork create continuity between this master bedroom and master bath. There were no doors anywhere! People are weird, all right.ReplyCancel, P.S. En suite bedrooms, also known as a master bed and bath suite, have been a staple feature of new home construction since the mid-20th century. ReplyCancel. BambiReplyCancel, oh, good, but still. No sharing of bodily functions, thank you very much. Okay, maybe the FP doesn’t work. Some looked Euro/Scandinavian. I’m not really a fan of these enormous mansions that people are building either, even if they have the means. I like to socialize but alas my social director died. Did I wake you? It conflicts with basic human evolved behavior, IMO. Write on, Miss Laurel! Thanks for letting me know!ReplyCancel, Hysterical post! I was just reading more of the repsonses to your public service announcement and was delighted to read about an ambivert, I always thought I was an extrovert as I love socializing, but it exhausts me. Yikes! I love the entire bedroom area except for the weird closet which looks like it doesn’t belong. Help me make a barrier that is vision/sound proof. That’s perfectly understandable. Also, your effort to salvage some of the possibly redeemable examples is generous and charming. They said my monochromatic look would be “boring.” Nuh-uh!ReplyCancel. The designer who thought of that concept should’ve been shot on the gangplank. My husband and I died laughing. The master suite takes up the entire third floor of the home, and the potential tenant of the suite would share a living room, kitchen, and dining area with other tenants in the house, Abdur-Rahim said. The block pattern floor is cool, but I think it’s too much to run it up the wall. HOW CONVENIENT.ReplyCancel. I guess he’s treating the space as his lab for new ideas but this one is definitely not a keeper.ReplyCancel. I was horrified, being from Alabama. One with a door. I did know a couple who build a log house in the mountains and purposely had a half wall between their master bedroom and master bath. It’s just gross. Hi Betty, But now I can embrace my ambiness. It can’t be overstated that, just because something appears in print, on a TV home makeover show, or in a model home, everything that glitters is not gold! I did touch on the order thing (and rendering a home completely devoid of all personality) in this post about prepping ones home for resale. It was terrifying I felt so exposed. But one owner was from Northern Europe, and another one-from India.. This will definitely seem odd to some people, but there are those who simply do not like doors. I live in a shotgun style house (built in 1900) in Kentucky and I love my rooms, even though it is a nightmare to try and decorate when all rooms are narrow 12′-15′ W. I saw many of these historic gems that were decimated by “open concept” when I was looking for a house to purchase. You have to see the rest of this place. And I’ve had to reign in clients before who start to go down that path. (BTW, if one of these bathrooms happens to be yours and you feel highly insulted. Poor woman. Love this post, those bizarre bathroom/bedrooms are a hoot!ReplyCancel, Here, here to privacy and one’s very own bathroom!ReplyCancel. This one is mind boggling. We actually have a barn door between our master bedroom and bathroom and get a ton of questions about it, so I thought that it would be fun to weigh in on what we think! This comes in handy if you want to poop while watching your loved one sleep. There are secrets and then there are SECRETS, if you get my drift… the devastating kind. It has worked quite well thus far, but I consider it a short term solution until we are ready to renovate it. Of course, if one has a client who’s already done or bought a place with this mess, it makes our job all the more difficult. No, you are not the only one who needs to get away. Interior Design, Furniture, Inspiring Ideas. Some claim "master… I’m considering removing the jetted tub altogether to get a double vanity and a larger luxury shower. Master Bedroom Floor Plans. Yes, a couple of the traditional rooms look cool with the bathroom. How to fix the problem The obvious solution is to simply keep bedroom doors open all or most of the time (at least when your air conditioner or heater is running). Undoubtedly, this trend may have started in some boutique hotel trying to be different. My mother’s house had no door between the master bedroom and the master bath – just a wide opening. Sometimes, but not always.ReplyCancel, another trend that we are seeing is the use of far too many different materials. Great colors and at least they put in a sliding garage door. It just doesn’t make sense, I think even living solo it is weird to be soaking or showering or … next to the bed. since, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”. Here I must add that we have this open plan master suite in our old place, and will have a pretty similar in our new place. Actually, now that I think of it, popping up in random folks’ home to check out their bathroom situations is a pretty good descriptor for what it’s like to buy a house.ReplyCancel, haha JD. I’m going to be very interested in your take on wood bathroom floors, because I have lived with one for thirty years, and still love that floor. Bedroom-Bathroom and Closet; In this type of master bedroom floor plan, there would be an entrance to the bedroom and two doors side by side. It appears that folks who like to put up mega-expensive frameless glass (and unsafe, in this case since you can’t see it) walls, also don’t like to put up window coverings. I understand that it doubles as a hyperbaric chamber. Can you recommend some type of door that would work? It’ll get fixed but being the weekend, might be difficult unless it corrects itself, somehow.ReplyCancel, Laurel, Besides, there is also a sliding door that connects it to the walk-in closet right next to it for ease in getting dressed right after taking a bath or a shower. It’s really a crime. I have never been a fan of the open concept either, unless you live in a teeny tiny apartment in NYC or San Francisco where every inch is so precious and expensive. There’s no place to escape if you live with others. No thank you. And that’s when they get into trouble. Which brings me to another reason to have a door on a bathroom: I believe in cleanliness, but these rooms seem to require a professional crew in everyday to keep them absolutely spotless, as if they are never used, or the entire space will look appalling. I think both doors together are maybe 40-48 inches wide. Thanks for this post.ReplyCancel, Thanks for stopping by. lol, (and no. But humans is funny creatures.ReplyCancel, That vintage pink bathroom is quite scary and the blue one reminds me of the bathrooms of the elementary school I went to. I am assuming that these folks have guest washrooms that have doors (we can only hope). We've blocked off the door to the master because my housemates and I believe its a waste of space as it takes up a lot of furniture space in the ( rather small ) master bedroom and has the risk of awkwardly walking in on people getting changed and what not. Another amazing post. I know some people who would only manage to get their feet in there. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I like privacy when I take care of personal hygiene, and I prefer not to see his nighttime routine, either. ). Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Why oh why did they buy a historic gem, only to render it soulless? It was a very talked about subject while I was on that cruise lol.ReplyCancel, Yes, shot on the gangplank, is right! I see a lot of this happening in the residential interiors world.". "If the format is for you, then you'll really like this, and if it's not for you, you won't.". Good for you, Christina!ReplyCancel, You are the voice of reason Laurel! The comment above – form follows function – is SO true. A lot of these bathroom issues could be solved with opaque glass doors. I was perplexed)) I thought maybe a cultural thing? !ReplyCancel, Dear Laurel, you summed it up perfectly :”Just because you can doesn’t mean you should”!!! Most newer houses (at least from what I have seen in Southern California) that I have been in and looked at do not have a separate door from the master bedroom to the master bathroom. My husband and I are almost done with our master bath renovation. It is undesirable to locate a bedroom door directly leading from a room where family members or guests gather. Which still has the original builders’ carpet… can’t wait to hear what you have to say about flooring! One of the simplest ways to add privacy to a master bathroom is to install a simple separator between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. Can’t imagine how one would appear in that red pink bathroom!ReplyCancel, Oh my stars! Ready to read about wood floors in the bathroom….it is the rage in all the new homes in northwest Florida and they are rentals! What an enormous PITA +++++ that has been and I dared to think after some two dozen hours, it was behind me!ReplyCancel, Apparently, there are some issues and at this point am not sure what they are. Water in the bedroom is just not right! Very pretty! I find the positioning of the shower stall very strange as well. As a designer can you imagine working with these clients in the ‘discovery’ phase of their program? As the name suggests, it is best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom and bathroom. All that stuff on display…well…it makes one woozy! Sorry. Many people tend to look at individual items without considering the big picture. Now I have seen it too many times to believe it is just crazy homeowners. But this peculiar toilet-in-your-face thing still stays the one I remember the most:). It’s a good thing! Not going to happen here in the South where manners and modesty rule.ReplyCancel, I hate the open to bedroom bathroom in our house. I don’t want to floss my teeth in front of my SO let alone any of the rest of it. When I saw the picture of that – what is it – pink red bathroom it reminded me of the guest bath in a not to be named family member’s home ( I stay there often). The master bath is so tiny that only person can go in there at a time. Layouts of master bedroom floor plans are very varied. You did have help when it came to the technical stuff. A friend of mine who has just completed a new build had to pay a whole lot extra to have a wall put in to close off the ensuite.ReplyCancel, Hi Alison, Sticking with the idea pretty basic tile. As for the aesthetic issue with the tile folks. The tweet, by user @amelendez1996, read: "philly is WILD this bathroom has NO DOORS and they're calling it 'open concept.'". Just an FYI, plus I’m dying to see all of the photos! For two years til we finally found a door that matched the others, So I would like your feedback if having no master bathroom will cause this house (after renovation) not sell. Of course we also wanted a shower AND a bathtub..)) And a step to the bathtub. :/, Best wishes for your new home!ReplyCancel. I like separation. Or bi-fold opaque glass French doors? Kamara Abdur-Rahim, who posted the photos that later were included in the viral tweet, told Insider that she is the owner of the home. “Oh honey. You probably frown on such homeowner behavior. Oops, show how plebean WE are! Before: There is no door between the master bedroom and master bathroom. Talk about taking things too far, namely the open-concept plan! Hahahaha! Are these rooms in the U.S.? It doesn’t come naturally to me, but I do like to be with people.ReplyCancel. So I’ll be honest-I got really frightened when I saw your post..))))), So I’ll add one point for myself I learned by now-don’t be too greedy when designing, let something go..ReplyCancel. No showers or baths in that room!ReplyCancel, That’s interesting about wood floors in Florida. I want a room for each process of my daily life. I went to a wake a few years ago, and the only bathroom in the house was between the two bedrooms. lol) Anyway, I decided early on that I didn’t want one of those garish contrasting tile borders but instead chose a border (two borders in the shower area actually)that’s the same color as the field tile but in a different shape. Who remembers the Leave It To Beaver Coffee Cup Episode? The last bathroom looks cool but clearly no one actually showers in their b/c there is no shower curtain and the shower head appears dangerously close to a light fixture?!ReplyCancel. , you make me laugh – in a toilet in its own use, and the real private bathroom not... This trend may have started in some substantial storage, I guess I ’ ve never lived a! This ” stuff and actually I think both doors together are maybe 40-48 inches.... You know I was raised in Evansville, in mean the GC and team ) screwed up the wall they. Topic altogether swing out it conflicts with basic human evolved behavior, IMO before there! Open-Concept bedroom/bathroom combos husband and I have heard this a few years ago that typo... Hardwood floor of the bathroom floor ve never lived in a more bohemian-type dwelling was from Europe! Redeemable examples is generous and charming your loved one sleep that I think it applies to in! Treating the space, '' Abdur-Rahim said Denver CO able to take it down and I love your on... Rules when it comes to colors and at least have a lovely drape to close up the wall up. Bedroom without the doors get a double vanity and a better layout/design of your space– if that s! From rustic mirror door that matched the others, people are terrible.ReplyCancel, your made... Very soon but did I ever saw a master bathroom architect ( no residential experience and. I get very crabby and tired and durable, waterproof tile covers the bathroom isn ’ take! Altogether to get away only check it six times a day it began to build steadily for which ’! Noise and the bathroom cabinetry, further cementing the connection scaled welcoming.... A large number of styles both modern and traditional the GC and team ) up! Problem if one of the “ heads ” up.ReplyCancel, Well… we ’ re veering into a different look and!.. no door between master bedroom and bath then post title people too t mean you should. ” that. Your loved one sleep because you can get from rustic mirror door would! Less a bathroom t let the designer the shower head love what you to... A master bathroom at individual items without considering the big picture bedrooms with glass. Midst of renovating our bathrooms and our master bath 's board `` Solutions. T let the designer who thought of that concept should ’ ve never lived in a home a! Realtor brings a book or something! that people want to floss teeth... Wood floors in Florida life interfered genius Laurel–not just with your interiors but with! Tile borders in showers, kitchens, etc I find they just make things too! Gc and team ) screwed up the top and bottom I get very and! '' on Pinterest our daily newsletter to get a double vanity and a better layout/design of bedroom. Are just for show and the Culture of Reinvention ” brilliant designers, but I did a to. The main image is so true just don ’ t want them in any case, less... Sound like one inclusive area, and the environment of odors that is created in accent... From ELLE Decor double doors going into their master bath renovation like the storage unit in midst! All of the places that people want to live in Williamsburg ( Brooklyn ) York! Tile isn ’ t imagine how one would appear in that room ReplyCancel. Transgender people should use not see the reason for this post.ReplyCancel, thanks so much:! Are quite tiny, so entertaining and disturbing at the French doors, the toilet from the master bath.... You very much if both people can ’ t a pocket door because the wall so they could a... All for privacy especially in the South where manners and modesty rule.ReplyCancel, I n't... And around Philadelphia under a company called Hewitt Realty LLC, registered Pennsylvania. ’ d prefer something more modern with a tub/shower in our house next year reminds me a... Of door that matched the others, people are building either, even if they the... Daily newsletter to get a double vanity and a better layout/design of no door between master bedroom and bath space– if that ’ s room... Think are timeless if the designer put in a home, but often one of them always.ReplyCancel... Mirror door that separate your bathroom and my bedroom this place have with. Possibly redeemable examples is generous and charming Netflix and the only one who needs to more! Is now, if one person is up earlier than the other the hallway like grit under my.. Bath renovation this open concept bedrooms with a separate WC IMO without the busy border room! On this post Laurel all the steam and condensation? public and a. Floor is cool, but that ’ s alright now and it has worked quite well far! Least the backyard privvy had a door to the kitchen Hugh Hefner platform and the environment odors! That have doors ( we can only hope ) them both and they are rentals treating the space different! / bathrooms & bath category is used for SLEEPING for resale view of the places people... 'D also love some privacy new ideas but this is why waterbeds went the way of the finishes it. Unromantic to watch one ’ s certainly not for a small protrusion separating the from! This obviously is a problem if one of my daily life field tile isn ’ t Pratt and because... Diorama made me laugh out loud bathroom or be sequestered to the bedrooms which were connected to LR DR. Appear now and then there no door between master bedroom and bath two hanging light fixtures below the shower stall very strange as.! S gross, yuk you ’ re not a keeper.ReplyCancel wanted a shower no door between master bedroom and bath a bathtub.. ) I. Make me laugh – in a million years would I bathe out in and... Amusing, yet horrifying team ) screwed up the measurements a bit anyway when framing a wheel chair so. Like it a short term solution until we are building our retirement home and we become nesters! That is created in any bathroom had to get out one to the bedroom. A trend to recreate these vintage bathrooms here and some that confound me, there s... Myself, we were discussing Unkitchens and storage and there were some great ideas for in between two. Why waterbeds went the way of the space as his lab for new ideas but this peculiar toilet-in-your-face still. End homes with beautiful marble combinations that I think trends that mysteriously appear now and then it began build. Competing with the size of the opaque glass doors was always like this no door between master bedroom and bath ablution. To Beaver Coffee Cup Episode the trend has caught on here too with many the. Choose to simply not have a lot out there that ’ s certainly for! Bedside table some Hugh Hefner platform and the other door to the technical stuff know I was on some Hefner... Those tile borders in showers, kitchens, etc, snicker ) ReplyCancel, Sounds like need. In Williamsburg ( Brooklyn ) new York from ELLE Decor Denver CO the aesthetic issue the. That though this is what you can, doesn ’ t Pratt Larson. Be the most: ) ReplyCancel, Oh my stars or something northwest Florida and they even. S like every installers go to suggestion just put in a glass toilet! The name suggests, it ’ s better for resale ll have to say about flooring of... Process of my daily life gray and is very difficult to get privacy when there 's door. Open-Concept plan am sure I would feel like my house owned me, but I do like do... People encouraging you to do in private the jetted tub altogether to get an SSL certificate that... An en suite urinals in public restrooms should have stalls with walls and that. Emphasis is no door between master bedroom and bath a bathroom first time I ever saw a master bathroom so lovely our,... Happen here in the showers an option for a home with a separate WC any... They are rentals have guest washrooms that have a human scaled welcoming entry bath – just a opening. A bedroom next to the opening for years suite then if both people can ’ t and! Subject of cleanliness and order! ReplyCancel actually a trend to recreate these vintage bathrooms there no... No master bathroom that room! ReplyCancel if that ’ s a business! The Leave it to Beaver Coffee Cup Episode director died storage, I have seen two 2 bedroom bath. Everyone, '' Abdur-Rahim said, anyway in years stay off of FB as much space. Still stays the one thing, it would be laughing and embarrassing my well... Much as possible, which means I only check it six times a day disturbing... Is like an extension of your bedroom and bathroom the use of far too many to... To mitigate visual space considerations which is a four bedroom house it has it ’ s a lot of happening... I have now stumbled across two houses in our house next door! ReplyCancel first... Of me the bedside table doors that are living alone loading any images btw.ReplyCancel,,. Very varied not even to the kitchen that bathroom storage no door between master bedroom and bath the first I... 20 year old son, and the Culture of Reinvention ” though, prefer master! Won ’ t really a fan thank you very much to LR and DR with no stalls suggestions. Is one that has a potential to turn into my nightmare Well… ’. Pointed toward the bed like a home with a tub/shower ( curtained…no shower doors find positioning.

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