katalox iron filter

We provide a free water test to our customers by clicking HERE. iron filters Air injection, birm, green sand, katalox and centaur carbon. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. We always recommend a water analysis before you purchase a new filter which will ensure that you purchase a filter that is designed for your specific needs. ", Whole House Iron Water Filter Assembly Instructions.pdf, Water flow rate from the well of at least 6.5 gallons per minute for proper backwash, Maximum ferric/ferrous iron content 10 ppm. WECO KL-1465 Backwashing Filter with Katalox Light® for Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction . Iron Filter System. (1) Cartridge sediment filter to catch the sand and other sediment (2) Katalox Light back washing filter to remove the iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide - size to be determined (3) Water Softener - Fleck 7000SXT 2.5 cu. Thanks!! Please compare all of our maintenance-free Iron Removal Water Filters and completely understand your specific treatment need before purchasing your new filter to ensure you get the filter that effectively filters your water. KATALOX LIGHT® is manufactured in Germany. $832.00 - $1,072.00 (847) 462-9000. I purchased KO's water softener and standard iron filter system when I built my home on the guise that this tiny municipal water plant would be the one and done solution to my water needs. // It can also be used to remove other contaminants include hydrogen sulfide. Katalox Light® is a new brand of revolutionary advanced filtration media completely developed in Germany. PO Box 194 Many of our customers install our Poly Hard Water Conditioner along with the Katalox Iron Removal Water Filter which offers excellent protection from iron and hard water issues. Selecting the correct Iron Removal Water Filter for your home will require you to know some basic information about your water. salt/cu. *Removes high levels of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide * iron up to 10ppm without additional oxidizers. Katalox Light is a remarkable new iron removal media from Watch Water in Germany. Katalox Light® is manufactured in Germany. Our iron filters with Katalox lights are single-tank systems with a small pocket of air in the top of the tank. Katalox-light Iron Filter (for Sulfide, Iron and Manganese reduction) Katalox-Light is based on Zeosorb (a high purity natural Aluminosilicate microcrystalline mineral) with a special process impregnated and then coated with MnO2 that can filter particles as small as 2-3 microns. Genesis 2 High Flow Iron and Sulfur Backwashing Katalox Filter . Without this information, you’re really just guessing at the iron filter you need, and in many cases, you will be incorrect, and end up with a filter that does not function as you had hoped. Available in 1/2 cubic foot and 1 cubic foot bags and bulk quantities. energy so that the water leaving the filter has lesser pressure than the water entering the Katalox Light ® filter. Sales Questions. The Fleck 2510AIO iron filter system maintains a pocket of air in the top of the tank while the system is in service. // ]]> Nelsen AIO Filter System. Katalox for high level filtration, color and odor removal, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide removal, efficient reduction of arsenic, zinc, copper, lead, radium, … //

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